Symptoms of Neuropathy

There are numerous signs of neuropathy. What are the symptoms of neuropathy you should be on the lookout for? Polyneuropathy symptoms can exhibit themselves in many forms, as can alcoholic neuropathy symptoms. It is important to be aware of polyneuropathy symptoms, alcoholic neuropathy symptoms, and neuropathy pain as you explore treatment options. Here at Neuropathy Wellness Center, we strive to diagnose and treat all symptoms of neuropathy and signs of neuropathy. Be sure to keep an eye out for any of the various polyneuropathy symptoms that can occur. Your quality of life may be dramatically affected by any symptoms of neuropathy you encounter. Because of this, we look to make your stay at Neuropathy Wellness Center as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We're professionals, trained to alleviate any and all signs of neuropathy. Please review the list below. Take a look at the following symptoms and see if you are experiencing any of them:

Signs of Neuropathy:

Tingling and other odd sensations

Weird sensations are one of several common polyneuropathy symptoms. Patients with polyneuropathy describe the sensation as a thin film surrounding their toes or feet, causing neuropathy pain. Sometimes it feels like something is stuck between your toes. You may also get a just-waking-up sensation in your feet.


Neuropathy pain is the most common among alcoholic neuropathy symptoms and polyneuropathy symptoms. Usual types of neuropathy pain include burning, aching, stabbing, or electric shock sensations that travel up and down the body, legs, or feet.

Altered sensations

Touch senses are often altered in parts of the body affected by polyneuropathy symptoms. This usually manifests as an increased sensitivity to pressure. For example, stepping on a tiny stone can feel like stepping on a shard of glass. Light touches can cause severe discomfort, such as clothing or sheets being drawn across the feet. Feet may also feel swollen or bound up.


Often areas that are numb are also in pain. This strange paradox of neuropathy pain is just one of the many facets of polyneuropathy symptoms and alcoholic neuropathy symptoms. For this reason, it's very important to make sure that patients are area of which parts of their bodies have gone numb and may not be sending pain signals.

Balance problems

Balance may be affected in moderate to severe cases. Sensory fibers that carry information to the brain have been damaged, and are not sending the proper signals. Moreover, the positioning of the legs and arms relative to the rest of the body is compromised, leading to an inability to properly orient oneself with objects.


Another of the common polyneuropathy symptoms, weakness can occur in any area of the body, including areas not affected directly by the disorder.

Urinary, sweat, and gastrointestinal problems

Sometimes the nerves connecting to blood vessels, the gut, or the bladder are affected by neuropathy. Alcoholic neuropathy symptoms, symptoms of neuropathy, signs of neuropathy, and polyneuropathy symptoms all include this as a possible effect. The blood vessels, now out of contact with the brain, cannot constrict at proper times. This can affect the ability to empty the bladder, digestion, or sweat patterns.

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