Welcome to Neuropathy Wellness Center

Welcome to Neuropathy Wellness Center. We're here to help with your neuropathy. We're a nonprofit organization dedicated to seeking new treatments for neuropathy and providing the best possible care to patients suffering from neuropathy. If you or someone know you is has neuropathy, you've come to the right place.

Neuropathy Wellness Center located in Seattle – part of our nationally ranked top neurology/neurosurgery clinic – offers expert, innovative and compassionate care for this disorder of the peripheral nerves. We diagnose and treat neuropathy as well as provide you with the latest in clinical innovations.

Our Vision

Neuropathy Wellness Center will be a forerunner in patient advocacy and disease research, ensuring that all sufferers of neuropathy have access to unique patient plans, the latest technology, and treatments that empower all patients.

Neuropathy Wellness Center strives to continuously improve the quality of patient services we provide. Patient satisfaction is an important indicator of the quality of care provided. Patient satisfaction surveys are available for you to comment on your care while a patient at Neuropathy Wellness Center. We encourage your comments, as they help us improve our patient care services. If you have a quality of care problem or a concern that requires more immediate attention, please notify your nurse and/or ask to speak to the patient representative, Rita Brehmer, or Dee Moeller, Quality & Risk Management Director. Both can be contacted through our Contact Us page.

Our Goals

The Department of Medicine supports Neuropathy Wellness Center with high quality medical services. We assist the staff of the hospital and medical school in meeting their goals in patient care, research, and education in the following ways:

  • Investigation of drug distribution systems that are safe, reliable, and cost-effective: With satellite stations helping to accomplish this goal, the medical technician is responsible for all drug control on the patient unit, while introducing automated equipment to assist in the process.
  • Maintenance of the department as the prime source of drug information within Neuropathy Wellness Center: This is accomplished with an increased availability of pharmacists and better access to drug information. The department will also make the Drug Information Center available for use by the entire staff.
  • Development of the concepts of Medication Use Evaluation throughout Neuropathy Wellness Center by setting standards for the collection of data: Standards for all drug use are established in conjunction with the Medical Staff, and specifically the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and the Investigation Review Board. The department monitors these standards through patient unit pharmacy mechanisms, data processing, and the supervision of staff members that specialize in specific areas of practice.
  • Expansion of department clinical programs: This is accomplished through the introduction of new programs that further utilize pharmacist's professional knowledge and skills, as well as an expansion of current programs to assume new responsibilities for drug distribution and use.
  • Continued education of residents, interns, and undergraduate students: Our goal is to prepare and encourage the student to enter the field of institutional neuropathy practice and prepare them to practice within the managed health care environment.
  • Maintenance of the fiscal viability of the Neuropathy Wellness Center through proper financial management and responsibility within both the department and hospital: We will continue to develop indices and other sources of information to improve the department's financial goals.
  • Take responsibility for the acquisition, distribution, and review of medication utilization information in conjunction with Medical Staff
  • To empower patients to seek the best treatment for themselves and take control of their neuropathy.
  • To create a higher level of public awareness of neuropathy in our communities.

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